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SuperBooth 2017, here we come! Posted on 04 Apr 10:15

SuperBooth is a new conference for music manufacturers put on by Andreas Schneider and the great folks over at Schneidersladen.  They  threw such a great party last year, we figured we'd take a second run in Berlin!

We will have the Arpitecht, Triad, and Overseer with us along with something new ;)

We are excited to get to see some old friends and new faces and show off some new gear!

For more info about Superbooth, visit:

WMD TEST LAB LIVE Posted on 14 Feb 09:24

That's right, TEST LAB LIVE is ALIVE!

Test Lab Live is our new online stream channel via Youtube Live Streaming.

We will be streaming new product demos, tutorials, previews, patch run throughs, and live patching.

The schedule is still in the air while we are working out the kinks in the set up.

Check out our first ever stream below and stay tuned to WMD TEST LAB LIVE for more episodes!

New WMD Modules for 2017! Posted on 07 Feb 11:13

We have 5 new modules to release this year and we couldn't be more excited!

All of the details for each new module are up now, check out their product pages.






Check out a quick overview from Synthtopia here:



WMD Performance Mixer Shipping Now! Posted on 21 Sep 10:47

We are excited to announce that we are releasing and shipping the WMD Performance mixer today!  This 8 channel powerhouse will change the way people perform live with their Eurorack systems and we are so stoked to see how people use it!

Check out the Performance Mixer page here.


Goldilocks Planet is available now! Posted on 25 Aug 09:30

The newest WMD product, the Goldilocks Planet is shipping to dealers and available to purchase direct from our site now.

The Goldilocks Planet is a distortion pedal with 3 clipping modes, tone and presence controls, and trademark "Density" knob.

In this video, the Designer Caleb Tardio demos and talks with Alex about what a Goldilocks Planet is in NASA terms, and why he designed the pedal the way he did.

Protostar is available now! Posted on 27 May 12:24

The WMD Protostar is now available and shipping to dealers!  If your favorite dealer doesn't have it, tell them to hit us up!

More details on the Protostar HERE.

Here's a new video featuring Dave Devine and the Protostar.


Protostar coming soon! Posted on 19 Apr 09:06

I am currently taking a break from working on the page for the Protostar in order to make this post.  It's coming soon, very soon.  SO soon in fact that I thought it was necessary to make this post. just released a video we shot with them at NAMM going through the Protostar in depth with Nick and Juan.  The video says it all, and we can't wait to get this pedals into your hands! 


New WMD Test Lab Performance featuring Caleb Tardio Posted on 19 Apr 09:00

Caleb is our resident graphic designer and guitar slayer.  We had him test out the Protostar integrated with his personal rig to see what would happen.  This is the result.


Superbooth Berlin 3/31-4/2 Posted on 09 Mar 08:31

Tyler and William are excited to be headed to Berlin for Schneidersladen Superbooth 16!

They will be demoing our new modules alongside our flagship products.  

Our booth number is BF350.  Come say hi!

Tyler will be giving two performances.

Thursday, March 31st at 8pm in hall 2

Friday, April 1st at 2:20 pm in Hall 1.

For more information, visit:



WMD Test Lab Performance #1 Posted on 01 Mar 09:59

In this video, our own Tyler Thompson (performs as T2) gives a performance using solely eurorack modular gear.  The main modules he includes are the Bastl Knit Rider, WMD Synchrodyne, HexInverter Mutants, and a couple unreleased WMD products, the Aperture and Performance Mixer.

The idea of these new videos are to put new and old products alike through the paces and use them in a live, improvised setting.  Tyler improvised the patch from scratch and the performance is one take and recorded live.  After the performance, we talk briefly about the modules he used, and the ideas he had for and during the performance.  How the ideas changed throughout the performance, and what inspired him to come up with the patch.

We had a blast shooting the video and are stoked on the way it came out.  We've been working really hard to get these new modules out to the public but before we do, we must test the products in the same situation we hope to see them used in.  We figured, while we test them, why not shoot a video?

Below is the result of our test.  Many more to come.