New WMD Test Lab Video with live performance from Nasty Nachos

Alex Anderson

This jam started out with a new concept in sequencing a bass line using the WMD Arpitecht.

I was messing around with the idea of creating movement by using the Notes mask on the Arpitecht to create chord and interval shapes.  Another lane of sequencing was disabling the root note so the sequence didn't always begin on "C". Then, using lots and lots of reset gates to keep the bass line on the root of the chord progression, rather than the root of the scale.  Every once and a while i'd let up on the reset signals and let the Arpitecht roll through the chord or octaves in order to create some fun variation.

The next step was to highlight and support that bass line by adding chords and a lead with another Arpitecht and it's expander the Triad.  For this, instead of sequencing notes, I left that input empty and just used the Notes knob and Triad knob to select a standard 1-3-5 triad.  From there I sequenced both Transpose and Scale.  I would transpose the chord so it's root would be on the root note my bass line sat on.  From there I sequenced scale just a bit to switch between Major and Minor accordingly.  I personally have studied music theory quite a bit so it's second nature whether the chord needs to be major or minor.  However whenever in doubt, just use your ears.  Think to yourself, does this sound right?  If you aren't sure, just try it the other way.  It's usually pretty obvious. If it isn't, just go with what YOU like best.  It's your music :)

The text in the video outlines the voices I was using.  All but the chords, I accidently left them out (sorry). The Pads are 3 Noise Engineering Sync Iter oscillators going through the aperture filter which is having it's frequency band modulated by modbox.

A quick shout out to 4ms for making the Dual Looping Delay.  This thing is super fun and ended up being the star of the show.  I am taking the lead arpeggiation into it via a send on the WMD Performance Mixer and looping it.  It's synced to the whole song via the ping input.  Reverse, hold, and moving around the time knob helped make a super washy swell that was fun to riff on and made for a nice way to transition from one part to another.

This was a fun video to make, I hope you dig!

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