The Flux Interpolator at UMS and Temple Tantrum

Alex Anderson

This summer, we had the privilege of creating an interactive piece of art to be experienced at some local music festivals.

As the story goes, the WMD research team discovered strange, vibrantly colored crystals while exploring the planet Technosha 7. They harnessed the crystals’ resonant properties to create an instrument, one which allows humans to combine energy and intent as a group. Using its tactile playing surfaces, users are able to affect and guide the overall sound of the instrument, working in tandem to craft sounds ranging from atmospheric tones to dance music.

This piece was conceived for the Underground Music Showcase to reflect the power of community in the music scene, and to celebrate the passion that brings Denver musicians together. As an instrument, the Flux Interpolater can help bridge the creative gap between different skill levels, while encouraging improvisation and discovery as a group. Ideally, this will provide a way for our community of musicians and the general public to interact in a “hands-on” fashion.

The Flux Interpolator was featured on our local CBS 4 news.  check out the feature here:

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