Thriller performed on a Eurorack System?!

Alex Anderson
To celebrate my favorite holiday I decided to take on Michael Jackson's Thriller, performing it using a Eurorack System.  Of course, I had to perform it in my costume so here we have Thriller, performed by Randy "Macho Man" Savage using a eurorack system and a Juno-106 for the chords. 
This was sequenced using the Squarp Pyramid sequencer and Expert Sleepers FH-1.  I cheated a bit downloaded the MIDI from and arranged it to be played back via 3 main voices and an improvised drum track. The bassline is composed of two WMD/SSF Spectrum oscillators being summed and running into the Rossum Electro-Music Evolution filter.  The Lead is all the WMD Synchrodyne with it's expand.  Using the Synchrodyne for the lead voice gave the tune a unique flavor as it has a sound that is all it's own and even sounds a little "vocal" at times. 
The pads were the Roland Juno-106 sequenced via MIDI from the Pyramid.  The kick drum and hhats are samples being played on the Rossum Assimil8or and the rest of the drums were covered by the WMD Chimera and two Fractures.
The main performance aspect was controlling filter points, envelope lengths, as well as improvising the drums with the METRON sequencer and just being a goofball with some stage lights, lazers and too much fog.  It was a fun, silly video to make.  

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