Using WMD VOLT as a CV processor for envelopes

Alex Anderson

Earlier today I had an idea.  I wanted to use VOLT to control the influence input on Synchrodyne and use slow filter tracking so that any change I made on VOLT would be processed slow and have an evolving effect on the Synchrodyne's filter.

It worked out but was just too static for me.  I quickly patched in a CV sequence and started to make a relatively melodic bass line with the Synchrodyne.  I had a good time with this and needed some timbrel change so I added an envelope running through the VOLT into the influence of Synchrodyne.  I quickly realized that this is what I was looking for.  The VOLT became an offset for the envelope running into Synchodyne which basically made it an instant switch for the filter envelope's range.

After jamming this out a bit, I added a Spectrum Oscillator running the same pitch sequence through the Verbos Electronics Dual Four Pole filter.  With a second Spectrum running the same sequence at a much higher octave, I modulated the filter cutoff on the low pass side of the filter.  Then, with a very slow LFO coming from the ADSRVCA, I slowly modulated the same filter via the second input on the DFP.  This created a sweet lead that matched the bassline but had a more smooth character.

Add some drums from the Hexinverter BD9 and Hihats modules along with the WMD Fracture and it was a party. 

Mason, our programmer was working on a new module and accidentally made a crazy pitch envelope sound scream out of his headphones.  His pain was my pleasure as it inspired me to make a crash out of the Chimera by setting the pitch env and decay at maximum and triggering it every 4 bars.

In short, this was a fun patch so I figured I would share.

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