January 2024 News

William Mathewson

WMD is back. TLDR; I feel like my old self at the beginning of WMD, and I'm excited to be making art/music again, and good new and old things are coming! - William

I'm working on new designs and will have them here soon. I'm also fixing pieces from the large QC backlog that developed over the years at the old facility. New production is in the works, and we're going to be doing mostly direct sales so we can keep prices reasonable and develop relationships with our customers. 

I'll have a new version of the Performance Mixer MKII to show soon, once I have the prototype back. Total revamp of what I showed last year at Superbooth. I've put a teaser on instagram, and I just got front panels which look absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to show you all!

The Digital VCA MKIII is in full production. Alex Anderson is helping out with videos for that. This is one of those old school WMD designs that's super fun and useful but not trendy or flashy at all. The MKIII nails what the product needs to be. 

The Reverb store is going to stay open, but the inventories are going to be merged together in Q1 of 2024, I'm figuring out how to do all that fun integration stuff. 

There are lots of new merch designs available. I love getting to do graphic design, and it's been really fun making wearable art for people. It's all print on demand, which takes a bit to get, but is economical and environmentally friendly, so it's worth while. I've got a few yellow Geiger shirts left from years ago too.

I'm moved and settled into a new space as well (in June, but it's set up and feels like home now), it's walkably close to my house, so quality of life is up. This has me refreshed and enjoying work. Paul is here handling shipping and receiving and kitting for our contract manufacturer. It feels like the old garage space where I started things in west Denver, but bigger and warmer, and with an antistatic floor. 

I'm starting a new run of 4TTEN modules that should be in stock in about six weeks. Also starting a run of Geiger Counter pedals that will hit about the same time. I'm really excited to be working with a new enclosure manufacturer that is super professional and is making great quality stuff. 

I'm stoked for these changes and to be making musical electronics as my artistic outlet again. Thank you for the support after all these years! 

- William Mathewson

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