WMD Ultrafold Eurorack Wavefolder Sound Demo

Alex Anderson

What's the best eurorack wavefolder module?  How can I create raunchy, harmonically rich bass lines without a lowpass filter module? What is wave folding?  

If you've asked these questions to yourself before, you'll want to check out our latest video showcasing the WMD/SSF Ultrafold eurorack module for modular synthesizer systems.

WMD/SSF is our line of modules that we collaborated on with Steady State Fate (SSF) a few years back.  Built  to the same rigorous standards of WMD modules, the WMD/SSF line includes 15 modules with straightforward user interfaces, simple feature sets, and dedicated purposes. 

The Utlrafold is a wavefolder and distortion generating beast.  Take a sine wave and turn it into a mangled, sonically rich lead with the simple turn of a knob.  CV control over every parameter lets users control every aspect of their timbre with external sources.

THE WMD/SSF Ultrafold is an all analog wavefolding module that was made in a collaboration between two eurorack modular synthesizer companies WMD and Steady State Fate (SSF).

In this video we run a Sine Wave from the WMD PDO (phase displacement oscillator) into the Ultrafold and experiment with sounds along the way. Wave folding is a great way to create low-pass filter like sounds but starting with a sine wave and creating harmonics with modulation and wave mixing instead of using a filter to cut out frequencies from a harmonically rich wave.

A second sine wave from the PDO is inserted into Ultrafold's FDBK input, giving the module a secondary source for the wavefolders feedback path. When the feedback CV is positive this waveform is used. When this waveform's phase is modulated it will create even more interesting and dynamically rich harmonics.

In this patch we are simply using a sine wave oscillator, the ultrafold wave folder, a VCA/Envelope Combo and a trigger sequencer to drive the Envelope. The drums that come in later in the video are the HexInverter BD9 which is a kick drum, WMD Fracture and Chimera drum modules which take care of the electronic clap and tambourine sounds respectively.

The WMD/SSF Ultrafold is available now worldwide and comes included with the WMD/SSF Monolith system which is a euorack system integrated into a high-quality 37 Key keyboard case with integrated power.

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