Mixers and all expanders are in production currently and we are shipping to dealers as soon as they come off the line. We recommend putting in an order with your favorite dealer as the backorder list is long, and we must fulfill all dealer orders before offering sales on our site.

As of 1.1.22: Geiger Counter Pro has been heavily affected by the global parts shortage happening right now. Our entire business has really, but GCP is suffering. We’ve had 52+ lead time on parts for over a year and alternative sources have astronomical price hikes that do not make it feasible to make. Once we can get more parts, we will build more but unfortunately we do not know when that will be.

Metrons are currently in production, however the wait times can be long depending on where we are at in the run, mostly due to long lead times on the parts we use. The switches we use for Metron have long lead times from our source and unfortunately, they are expensive and there are 93 on each unit, so we cannot stock millions as we would prefer.

Metrons are coming, and will be available at dealers before appearing on our site. They will not be offered as Pre-Order items due to long manufacturing cycles. Please reserve one with your favorite retailer today.

We are no longer producing silver panels. This is due to our in-house process that allows us to control the quality and consistently produce a product that we are really happy with. We do not have a similar process for silver and therefor will no longer produce silver modules. When a module goes black, it is unlikely that we have any old silver modules to sell. We will not be producing silver replacement panels.

For most modules, yes black panels are available HERE. We are not producing black panel versions or replacement panels for the WMD/SSF line or any discontinued, or soon to be discontinued modules.

We do not currently have the infrastructure in place to support a waitlist for specific products. Some items may appear on the site as Pre-Order, if we are certain that the wait time will not be absurd, and more units are on the way.

Please check that tracks are not MUTED and that there are no functions assigned to the assignable inputs that could be causing certain outputs to not function. If the problem persists, please send a video to SERVICE@WMDEVICES.COM

Contact us! Please send an email to SERVICE@WMDEVICES.com and we will work through the options. With very old items, expensive shipments, or items destroyed by accident, we may be able to offer a replacement at a discount. This is decided on a case-by-case basis.

We do not cover items purchased used under our warranty, however we want you to use the gear.  Send an email to SERVICE@WMDEVICES.com and we'll get you taken care of.

Items in Pre-Order status are items that are not physically on the shelf but in a final stage of production. The wait time can vary depending on the product and the stage of production it is in. If you do not get a shipping notification within 4 weeks of purchase, please contact us at info@wmdevices.com

Thank you for your interest in our shop! We are located in Denver, CO. Unfortunately with our strict Covid-19 safety precautions, we are no longer offering visits and tours.

Although this is a dream of ours, we do not have a physical retail location and with the pandemic, we are not planning to do this any time soon. Please check out our YouTube Channel for in-depth demos.

We are open to 1-on-1 virtual demos using microsoft teams. If you’d like a personal demo, please reach out to Info@wmdevices.com

We recommend doing lots of research and checking out the wealth of knowledge available via resources like Youtube. Check out our channel Youtube.com/wmdevices for tutorials on how to use our gear, cool techniques, tricks n tips, and more. -

Think about what YOU want to do with the instrument. Do you want a groovebox? A wacky synth that makes otherworldly sounds? Soothing ambient pieces with cinematic emotion? All of the above? Cool, us too! 

Be sure to check your local community for a synth society. If you don’t have one close by, find a society that operates online and introduce yourself. The community is the best resource for learning and everyone is supportive and awesome. Just dive in! Check out ColoradoModularSynthSociety.com or SouthernCaliforniaSynthSociety.com for rad communities doing cool things!

Buy some kits and start tinkering. See if this is something you truly enjoy doing. After that, start swapping resistor values to see what happens and amend circuits to make things that sound how you want them to sound. Read books, take classes, and again find a community that is into DIY. Synth Societies and the modular forums are great places for this!

Shipping prices are determined by our website provider and are automatically assigned at checkout, depending the service you choose.

With the unreliability of the USPS, we are no longer counting on them for international shipments. We prefer DHL and UPS for international orders as we are confident that the shipment will actually arrive in a timely manner. If shipping seems cost prohibitive to order direct, please consider one of our many awesome DEALERS.