WMD hosts regular events as well as frequenting trade shows and performances around the world.  Check back here for a list of events to catch us at.  Each one of our events are a great place for gear heads of all types to come and meet one another.
FREQ BOUTIQUE Every Second Monday at Fort Greene in Denver, CO
Freq Boutique is an exhibition of modular synthesizer performances from our community here in Denver, CO. Much like an "Open Mic Night" Performers sign up the month prior to the event via a sign up sheet at the bar.  Later in the month, 6 people are chosen at random to perform the next event.  We have a very talented pool of individuals with many different backgrounds making for an awesome night of music and conversation. 
Sign up to play HERE
PATCHED OUT! Every Third Friday at BLACKBOX in Denver, CO.
Patched Out! is a curated night of modular synthesizer performances with a focus on House, Techno, and Bass music. 
The program is similar to a DJ club night as there are 4 performers and each set seamlessly blends to the next so there is no down time or 'dead air'.  Fans of Dance Music will love the vibe and atmosphere of the event while gear nerds will have plenty to feast their eyes on.