WMD Test Lab Performance #1

Alex Anderson

In this video, our own Tyler Thompson (performs as T2) gives a performance using solely eurorack modular gear.  The main modules he includes are the Bastl Knit Rider, WMD Synchrodyne, HexInverter Mutants, and a couple unreleased WMD products, the Aperture and Performance Mixer.

The idea of these new videos are to put new and old products alike through the paces and use them in a live, improvised setting.  Tyler improvised the patch from scratch and the performance is one take and recorded live.  After the performance, we talk briefly about the modules he used, and the ideas he had for and during the performance.  How the ideas changed throughout the performance, and what inspired him to come up with the patch.

We had a blast shooting the video and are stoked on the way it came out.  We've been working really hard to get these new modules out to the public but before we do, we must test the products in the same situation we hope to see them used in.  We figured, while we test them, why not shoot a video?

Below is the result of our test.  Many more to come.

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