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1/27/2024: I've fixed the final few Ultrafolds. Get one now while you still can! 

A powerful voltage controlled wave folder

The input drive and wave fold controls make up the heart of the design, providing warm saturation and additive harmonics to the input signal.

The wave shift control offsets the input signal to allow for asymmetrical folding - unveiling the subtleties in the distribution of spectral content.

The novel bipolar feedback control takes wave folding to a new level by returning the folded output to the input, thereby skewing the wave shapes for dramatic changes to the upper harmonics.

An auxiliary feedback input is provided to allow for insane folded FM sounds when another oscillator drives this input.

  • Voltage controlled wave folder adds warm saturation and additive harmonics
  • Wave Shift control allows for asymmetrical folding
  • Skew wave shapes with the Novel Bipolar feedback control 
  • AUX feedback input allows for even more possibilies when driven with another oscillator



  • Power: +12V = 30mA; -12V = 30mA
  • Size: 6HP
  • Depth: 25mm
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