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DPLR VC Delay and Chorus

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DPLR has been discontinued. Get it while supplies last!

Voltage Controlled Delay and Chorus

DPLR is a delay module with two interactive delay lines, each with 750mS of delay time.

One input is split to two delays which share overall delay time (DELAY) and regeneration (REGEN). Side B has control over its delay offset (SPREAD) from side A.

Delay, Spread and Regen are all voltage controllable. Regen at max will echo indefinitely, and can create interesting noise swashes.

The pushbutton at the top taps through seven different crosstalk configurations (Regen isolated through ping-pong). Push and hold to change through four different Regen Filter settings from very bright to dark.

On later versions of DPLR, a front PCB 6 pin header with two jumper sockets was added. This lets you select between Wet Amount (Default, and original setting), and Wet/Dry blend, which allows for DPLR to be used as a 100% wet effect for a mixer's FX send. 

  • Two interactive delay lines
  • 750mS delay time 
  • Voltage Controlled parameters
  • Seven crosstalk configurations
  • Four regen filter settings
  • Settable Wet Amount or Wet/Dry via jumper setting




  • Power: +12V = 67mA; -12V = 31mA
  • Size: 4HP
  • Depth: 45mm
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