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Blender has been discontinued, get it while supplies last.

4 channel crossfading mixer

BLENDER is a four channel mixer and voltage controlled cross-fader. BLENDER simplifies mixing audio and control voltages (CV) by incorporating a single control to blend two signals at a time - also known as a cross-fader.

Two manual cross-faders and a single voltage controlled master cross-fader are provided.

Use BLENDER as a main mixer or as a dynamic control for creating complex control voltages and waveforms from your signal generators.

  • Four voltage controlled channels
  • Two manual cross-faders with a voltage controlled master fader
  • Can be used as a main mixer or dynamic control for signal generators




  • Power: +12V = 20mA; -12V = 20mA
  • Size: 6HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Every WMD product is warrantied for 12 months after purchase, but please contact us if you ever have problems. We will take care of you.
Regulatory & Warranty

RoHS, CE, & WEEE Compliant

Manufactured with Lead Free Processes

WMD is committed to reducing excess and single use plastics in its products and packaging.

WMD warranties our products for 12 months from purchase date. Please contact us if you have issues.