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ADSRVCA has been discontinued, get it while supplies last.  For something similar and significantly more bad ass, please see Javelin.

The practical combination of utility and control

ADSRVCA is a multi-mode envelope generator with an integrated Voltage Controlled Amplifier(VCA).

This envelope generator is capable of producing a classic, gate driven Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release (ADSR) envelope as well as a self sustaining, looping Attack Decay (AD) and Attack Decay Release (ADR) one shot envelopes.

The integrated VCA eliminates the need for an external VCA module and can be used independently when an external control voltage is utilized.

The envelope controls the shape of the VCA’s amplitude response by default.


  • Multimode envelope generator
  • Integrated VCA
  • Can generate ADSR, AD and ADR envelope styles
  • Integrated VCA eliminates need for external module



  • Power: +12V = 36mA
  • -12V = 16mA
  • Size: 6HP
  • Depth: 25mm
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