Need help designing your Eurorack system?  Here are a few system ideas that we are calling our "suggested systems".  With these bundles you can decide what kind of case will work best for you situation, and put together a system that fits your budget and needs. We'll let you know if something extra is needed, can be replaced, or if you're ready to rock with everything included.

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SUGGESTED SYSTEM #1 - The PDO based monosynth 

This system is great for acid bass, face melting leads, squanchy wub bass, feedback experiments, and more.  Love FM but hate going out of tune?  Phase modulation is for you! 

SUGGESTED SYSTEM #2 - The 84HP Noodle Box

An expanded verstion of suggested system #1, the 84hp noodlebox adds the Arpitecht quantizer and sequence generator as well as the Modbox LFO that could be used for clocking Arpitecht or modulating any parameters on any of the modules.