Joel Wolahan – WMD

Joel Wolahan

Role at WMD: Final Assembly

Short Bio: Create music and change lives.  Music has been Joel's passion since he can remember.  He's been playing the bass for 15 years.  He's been in two metal bands and has his bachelors in audio engineering. 

Main Instruments:  Bass Guitar

Fave pieces of gear you own: Symetrix SX202 Mic Pre, Ovation Acoustic bass, Geiger Counter Pedal.

Fave pieces of WMD gear:  Geiger Counter pedals because I'm the most familiar with it. It's a super raw bit crushing, sample manipulating distortion creator.  I also really enjoy building them.

Any projects you'd like to share?  Currently working on a hip hip project, an acoustic project as well as recording as many bands as possible.  Will post links in the future!