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PM MKII Returns - 3 Additional Aux Returns for PM MKII

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Project Status:

This module is in development, but will be quick to make. So I've opened preorders. 


Due to panel space limitations on the PM MKII, I couldn't include a bunch of Aux Returns. So I've made an expansion so that you have the choice to bring in returns simply on this expander, or to use the PM Channels MKII to bring in returns on a channel. 

This module is passive, it does not require power. It simply brings in a return into a pot, and sums it to either the main mix, which is before the Master Insert, or to the balanced outputs, where the MIX IN sums. A toggle switch selects between AUX RET and MIX IN.


These inputs mix directly into the PM MKII summing nodes. To avoid complication and cost there is no impedance conversion on this module. The input impedance is ~5kΩ, which is 20x lower than normal eurorack. What does this mean? Usually you won't notice because most modules have a low output impedance, but you might notice a lot of attenuation if your source module has an output attenuator that is not at 100%. It can throw off the perceived curves of some potentiometers. This won't be an issue for 95% of modules, and it will work with all WMD modules. 

Please note that a mono signal input on L will normal to R, and will see an impedance of 2.5kΩ. This will likely cause a good drop in voltage, so you will need to turn the pot up quite a bit. This is totally normal, just something to be aware of. 


RETURNS connects with a single 8 pin 2.0mm ribbon cable. There is no possibility of messing up the connection because the headers are shrouded. 

Alternate Panel:

To ease the placement in your rack, I've designed an alternate panel that will allow the module to be mounted upside-down. All modules will ship with the alternate panel and reverse knobs. 

  • 3x Stereo Aux Returns
  • PM MKII Connectivity
  • No Power (Passive)
  • Toggle for Pre/Post Master Insert Routing
  • 2nd panel for Upside-down Mounting
  • 4HP
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Connectivity: 1x 8p 2.0mm ribbon cable
  • Power: +-0mA (No Power Connection)
  • Input Impedance: 10kΩ
Regulatory & Warranty

RoHS, CE, & WEEE Compliant

Manufactured with Lead Free Processes

WMD is committed to reducing excess and single use plastics in its products and packaging.

WMD warranties our products for 12 months from purchase date. Please contact us if you have issues.