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Canales PM MKII

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Project Status: 

Channels is still in prototyping and firmware development. Preorders will open when the hardware is in production.

Need More Inputs? 

Add four channels at a time to your Performance Mixer MKII setup, or you can use the Channels MKII as a standalone four channel mixer. 

The expansion is simple -- identical channels, just more of them. Four at a time, up to four Channels units, for 24 total stereo channels. 

A simple 16 pin 2mm pitch expansion cable is provided and is the only connection necessary. Units can be daisy-chained easily resulting in a clean setup. 

Additionally, the outputs on Channels MKII still work when connected to the PM MKII. So you get a submix of AUX1, AUX2, and MIX available for whatever you may want to do, drum submixing, FX routing, etc. 

Not Just an Expansion -- Standalone Operation

As a standalone unit, you get three stereo outputs, MIX, AUX1, AUX2. The buttons are soft mutes. It's a robust four channel setup. 

FYI -- You can not connect  CHANNELS MKIIs together without a PM MKII. The summing, buttons, and control brain is in the master section of the PM MKII. 

Recording Outputs:

Pre and Post fade headers are available on the rear for connection to the DB25 MKII. Each Chanels MKII will fill 1/2 of a DB25 with the Pre or Post connections. 

  • 4 Stereo or Dual Mono Inputs
  • 2x Stereo Auxes
  • Soft Mute Per Channel
  • Clip Indicator on Input Gain Pot
  • Channel strips are field replaceable if a pot or fader fails
  • CV control over Pan, Level, Aux1, and Aux2
  • Channel Inserts: Rear cables per channel allow for future insertable effects
  • Pan/Crossfade Switch for dual mono inputs per channel (panned center)
  • Rear Headers for Pre and Post Fader/Pan outputs to DB25
  • LEVEL and AUX2 CV can SUM or operate as VCAs
  • AUX2 can be Pre Fade or Post Fade
  • Firmware Update via Connection to PM MKII
  • All features of PM MKII when connected as expander (MIDI, CUE, GROUP, BUS)
  • Integrated Soft Start on Power Up
  • 24HP
  • 36mm Depth behind Panel Including Cables
  • Board Height Between Rails 111.5mm
  • Channel Input Gain: -12dB to +20dB
  • Fader Gain: -100dB to +5dB (Applies to Aux1, Aux2 also)
  • Pan Curve: -100dB at Hard L/R, -3dB at Center
  • All Inputs and Outputs (Including Sends, Inserts, Headers, etc) are IN PHASE
  • HPF: -1.3dB at 20Hz
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