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Please enjoy these sound samples and example settings.

Extra Funky

Fat Springs
Keyed Wah

Wow Fretless Bass

Bending Spaceships
Deeper Fingerpicking
Wah Distortion
Ducky Bass
Key Input Fuzz
Whomp Up Clean
Whomp Up Dirty
Bass Harmonics
Tweaky Bass Fuzz
Chicken Pickin'
Funk Bass
Nice Pad
Bass Dub
The Classic
Funky Bass
Filter Bass

Key Input Groove

Fat Power Chords
Moving Treble Boost
Harder Bass
Reverse Bass
Key Input Tremolo Wah
Key Input Tremolo Wah Fuzz

Guitar samples were recorded using a Reissue Les Paul with p90s, a '64 Fender Bassman amp and cabinet, and for fuzz, an OohLaLa Inferno pedal. Miced with a Beyer M160 and an AT 4033. Some bass samples recorded with no name low quality bass through the same setup. These guitar and bass samples are courtesy of Dave Devine.

Other bass samples courtesy of Joel Abbott. These were recorded direct from the FatMan into ProTools.