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Upcoming Events

October 17th-18th: William and Tyler will be in NYC for Machines In Music. Looking forward to seeing our New York friends! Tyler will be performing Saturday!

NAMM 2016: WMD is putting together another big booth of friends and colleagues like the past few years. More details to come.


September 23rd, 2015: We have a couple new WMD/SSF Modules that are shipping the last week in September. The DPLR (dual delay/chorus) and MMF (pingable multimode filter).

WMD is also bringing out three ColourCV cards for the Black Market Modular Colour Palette. Variac is a variable headroom distortion. Aperture is a variable width bandpass filter (designed by our own Tyler Thompson). Wave Compiler is an 8 stage wave folder.

April, 2015: WMD and SSF are beginning to ship MONOLITH systems to dealers and direct. Please contact us for sales information! Check back for the webpage about the Monolith, glamour shots and patch examples!

February 16th, 2015: We are pleased to announce that the colaborative modules with SSF are complete and shipping! We are working on a webpage dedicated to them. But for now please see the modules here.


January 1st, 2015: WMD will be at NAMM with a good deal of new stuff including our collaborative efforts with SSF in modular, poly-pressure keyboard, in-development delay, and the Geiger Counter Pro. Booth 6990 in Hall A. We are also hosting 23 other manufacturers in the booth, lots to see!

January 14th, 2014: The long awaited Sequential Switch is in production and shipping!

September 6th, 2013: The WMD Pro Output is slated to ship next week. Page is online now! We will also be attending Knobcon on the 13-14th of this month.

May 9th, 2013: We've updated the Phase Displacement Oscillator to an MKII version adding some improved CV functionality and more space for your fingers! PDO-MKII

May 9th, 2013: It has been incredibly busy at the WMD factory. We are happy to announce that Digital VCAs, Compressors, Synchrodyne Expand, and Invert Offset MKII modules have all shipped. Official demo videos to follow soon.


March 15th, 2013: Stay tuned for several new euro modules in the coming months. We've finalized the Synchrodyne Expander and the Compressor, as well as some new other modules. Follow us on twitter: @wmdevices

November 2nd, 2012 : New videos are up on our youtube page. They're embedded in the pages for the Multimode Envelope, Triple Bipolar VCA, and Quad Anti Aliasing Filter.

October 6th, 2012 : Just posted the webpage for the new Multimode Envelope eurorack module. Info about the expansion is on there too. Check it out here.

August 26th, 2012 : The WMD Multimode VCA is done and will be shipping with the Triple Bipolar VCA very soon! Check it out here.

August 22nd, 2012 : We are announcing the Triple Bipolar VCA expansion for the PDO. Also fully functional without attachment to the PDO. These will ship in 3-5 weeks.

September 16th , 2011 : We have just put up the page about our new Eurorack VCF: The WMD Micro Hadron Collider. It is a dual VCF with lots of CV control and loads of routing possibilities.

June 1st , 2011 : Things have been great here at WMD. The new Utility Series is now in production and are working on a few new pedals and modules. In the coming months we will be releasing information on what we've been doing. It's higher tech than anything else we've done and some amazing sounds are already coming out.

November 10th , 2010 : The Arcane Preamp has been reviewed by Premier Guitar online, check it out!

October 21st, 2010 : The Acoustic Trauma has been reviewed in the November issue of Premier Guitar, check it out!

June 1st, 2010 : New sound samples are up for the Acoustic Trauma and for the Arcane Preamp. Thanks to David Snider, Sammy Dee, and Terry Kishiyama! Acoustic Trauma Sounds... Arcane Preamp Sounds.

May 11th, 2010 : The new WMD Acoustic Trauma is up online, and will be shipping to our dealers soon. We expect to have sound samples online in a week or so. Check it out!

May 9th, 2010 : Vintage Guitar has reviewed the Super FatMan, check it out on page 146 of the June 2010 issue!

March 3, 2010: Guitar samples for the Super FatMan are now online thanks to Multi-Media Guitar Madman Chris Buono!

January 27th, 2010 : The WMD Arcane Preamp and WMD Geiger Counter Civilian Issue are now shipping and online with sound samples and information! Check them out. We will have more samples online soon.

Also, sound samples for the Super FatMan are finally online! Thanks to Gerry Carter for his killer playing on these. Guitar samples will be up soon.